Monday, 28 December 2015

More Inking Practice

A couple of recent inky illustrations.

Steam punk jetpack badger.  This was a character I came up with a good while back, unfortunately the first illustration didn't work out as I had hoped, so as an exercise I though another attempt was in order.

I have been trying to ink more work lately and push my self past the pencil sketching stage, hoping to include paint in this also.

Here is a quick sketch of Yoda too, just for fun.

More Painting Practice

I have been trying to brush up on my painting of late.  To that end I signed up for a couple of art classes courtesy of the local councils adult education program.

The first was an oil painting class which resulted in a few still lives, this was the one I spent the most time on.  A bit rough and unfinished but I was quite pleased with it, especially as I haven't used oils since my college days.

The other class was a weekend one using acrylics and this was the result.

Still a long road ahead of me to get my painting skills near to where I want them to be, but progress is being made (I think?)