Monday, 13 January 2014

Work Sketches

In an effort to try and do some drawing every day I bring a sketchbook to work and on a good day usually manage around 20 minutes of drawing on my lunch break.  These are a few of the recent sketches.


Friday, 10 January 2014

Mouse in the Museum

A while back I did a series of pictures for a friend who was writing a short children's story about a mouse who lives in the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The story called for the illustrations to be done in black and white and look like photographs.  Here are a couple of the finished pictures.

Watercolour Pixel Art

I have been doing a bit of pixel art lately and will probably post some of it here sometime soon.  I have wanted to try combining it with traditional art techniques for a while and had the idea of copying the digital art using watercolour paint.

This piece was done as a christmas gift for my brother who is a big Legend of Zelda fan, for future pieces I would be using my own original pixel work.  Dry pan paint on heavy grade paper.