Friday, 28 February 2014

Goblin Summoner

Pencil sketch I have been working on for the past couple of evenings.  I was inspired by Jay Penn's recent blog post on Goblins (Realms of Faerie link in the sidebar).  I also wanted to try drawing something that had more of a narrative to it, too often I draw isolated figures with no backdrop or sense of story to them.  Not sure if I succeeded but it was a fun picture to do.

12 Angry Men

This is the picture I mentioned earlier alongside the portrait practice of Ed Norton.  Its a take on a poster I saw a while back for the play 12 angry men.  The poster was a grid layout with black and white photos of each of the actors.  I wanted to do something with the same composition but illustrated with 12 of the angriest movie characters I could think of.  I haven't quite nailed the likeness in some of them but despite that I am pleased with the result.  This was a very ambitious piece for me and it has been encouraging to see it complete.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Circuitry Fish

This was another idea I was playing with when considering T-shirt designs.  I like the combination of line drawing and flat digital colouring.  I used pen for this one but looking at it now I prefer the brush lines on the previous designs.  One thing I would like to try is a finer line with a looser more sketchy feel, it would hopefully contrast well with the flat colours.  I am looking forward to trying that with the next one.