Saturday, 22 November 2014

Life drawing (nudity)

A couple of recent sketches from the Thursday night life drawing session I go to from time to time (naked folks ahead).

For anyone in the Edinburgh area here is a link to the gallery.  Its a great venue and friendly bunch of people,  Leigh Chorlton  is the talented artist who runs whitespace.

And the pictures

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Podcasting for the People.

A few weeks ago my good friend and drawing buddy Jay Penn approached me with the idea of doing a podcast together.  Its not something I have any experience or knowledge of and I was concerned about my qualification to do such a thing.  Most of the podcasts I am aware of are from the standpoint of professionals passing on their advice and experiences from working in the art industry.

After discussing it we agreed that if we were to go ahead then the podcast would revolve around our experiences trying to improve as artists, serving as a kind of audio diary, charting our progress as well as being a motivational tool for Jay and myself.   Hopefully we could also provide some inspiration for other artists in a similar position to ourselves, while avoiding coming across as pretending to know a lot more than we do.

We were also keen that there would be some sense of community, listeners could get in touch and be part of weekly drawing challenges, sharing advice and artwork of their own.  To this end Jay would set up a facebook page and accompanying blog.

Since we discussed it the podcast has become a reality, as well as the accompanying web pages.  It is early days and we are learning as we go, if you fancy a listen the links are below.

The blog and link to the podcasts

The facebook page

In the most recent episode I mention a couple of finished ink pieces so here are those also.