Sunday, 24 August 2014


I have been toying with the idea of selling some work for a little while now and after a little research, I have decided to try the site Redbubble.  For anyone unfamiliar with it, it is one of several web stores that you can upload artwork to.  They then print it on to a variety of media and sell it on your behalf taking a percentage of the sale price.

This is very much inspired by a designer friend of mine Marie who asked me to do a T-shirt design for her earlier in the year, this started me thinking seriously about getting some work out there for folks to buy.  There is a link to some of her work in the sidebar (Tees D'Lacey), it's well worth a look, she has an online shop on the way also.

There are 6 designs up just now with more in the pipeline.  My plan is to do small runs of pictures each with a different theme or style.  Here are a couple from this first series, I am tentatively calling them 'Mechanimals' until I can think of  a better name, suggestions are very welcome.

And of course a link to my new and shiny online shop.

Please have a browse and as always feedback and or criticism is always welcome.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Fisher King

I have always liked the phrase the fisher king without knowing its meaning, when I finally looked it up it was too good not to draw.

The wounded king is charged with guarding the holy grail but at some point has been injured in such a way he can no longer fight, nor can he father children to continue his task.  Left without purpose he spends his time fishing and awaiting a miraculous cure.

I have used pen, watercolor paint and white gel pen on 300g card.