Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Welcome to the blog

Hello and thanks for visiting, this is my illustration blog. Part work diary part motivational tool.

The idea is to have somewhere to show my art as well as work in progress and anything else that might be of interest.  A big thank you to Jay Penn a fellow illustrator and friend, who inspired me to do this.  You can visit his site Realms of Faerie by clicking the link to the right.

I have always been somewhat cautious about showing my artwork but have come to realize that this approach does me no good.  My hope is this blog will help to get over this as well as invite advice, criticism and help me improve as an artist.

I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, mostly pencil and inks.  I am trying to include more color in my work as this is a definite 'must improve' area for me.  As for subject matter anything and everything really.

That's enough waffle from me I better go and get some pictures done to put on here.

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